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Year 2021
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Jewish - Kabbalah
Holidays - 2021
Christian -
Ecumenical Mysticism /
Wisdom Tradition

Holidays - 2021
Unitarian Universalist
Holidays - 2021
Muslim - Sufi
Holidays - 2021
Baha'i Holidays - 2021
Hindu Holidays - 2021
Jain & Sikh
Holidays - 2021
Buddhist Holidays - 2021
Taoist & Shinto
Holidays - 2021
African &
Ancient Egyptian,
Santeria, Zoroastrian - 2021
Native American
(Iroquois, Navajo

& Pueblo)
& Meso American
(Inca, Mayan & Aztec)
- 2021
Pagan Holidays:
Old Religions of Europe

(Greek, Roman, Slavic,
Celtic, Anglo-Teutonic
& Norse) - 2021
Deep Ecology /
- 2021
Social Justice /
Human Rights /

- 2021
Peace /
- 2021
Solar & Lunar Cycles,
Eclipses & Helions
- 2021
Meteor Showers - 2021
Visible Planets - 2021
Astrological Periods - 2021
Experiential Meditations
(for lunar cycles

throughout the year)
Empowering Meditations
Action Offerings
(to help the environment 
& further social justice)
Art as Meditation
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2021 Cover

Because it accepts that Deity is ultimately mystery...
The Mystic's Wheel of the Year multifaith calendar celebrates the diversity of beliefs and practices in all the world's religions. It promotes understanding of, and respect for, all religions. It includes both Eastern and Western religions. It includes both ancient and contemporary religions. It includes views considered unorthodox as well as those considered orthodox. It recognizes universal spiritual principles and the elements common amongst the world's religions. It reflects deep ecumenism.

As Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi said: "Religions are different roads converging to the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads, so long as we reach the same goal? In reality, there are as many religions as there are individuals." This multifaith calendar helps in exploring those different roads from the perspective that those roads all converge at the same point.

This multifaith calendar also helps in rediscovering Deity in non-patriarchal ways. It helps to explore various concepts of Deity -- as within all and beyond all; as all forms and formless; as masculine and feminine and genderless; as an infinite, all-encompassing, and universal unity; and as all-embracing love.

This multifaith calendar also promotes deep ecology, social justice, and world peace. Consequently, it focuses on ecological, egalitarian, and peaceable aspects of the world's religions. It recognizes the interconnectedness, interdependence, and sacredness of all Nature. It recognizes the need for environmental healing through preservation and conservation. It recognizes the need to have respect and deep compassion for all humanity and for all animals. It recognizes the equality of men and women and the equality of all peoples. It recognizes the human rights of all. It embraces multiculturalism and rejects cultural imperialism. It recognizes that peace will only be achieved through justice, cooperation, and elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

This multifaith calendar promotes interfaith dialogue. As Dr. Hans Kung said: "There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions. There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions." And there cannot be true understanding and true acceptance of other religions without learning about the diversity within one's own faith as well as the diversity within others. And seeing the good and the beauty in them all.

And ultimately, this multifaith calendar hopes to promote love for Deity and love for all...because that is what mysticism -- and eco-egalitarian spirituality of all kinds -- is all about.

The Mystic's Wheel of the Year multifaith calendar features religious holidays of:

* Judaism (Kabbalah)
* Christianity (Ecumenical Mysticism/Wisdom Tradition)
* Unitarian Universalism (including Transcendentalism & Deism)
* Islam (Sufism)
* Baha'i Faith
* Hinduism (Shaiva, Vaishnaiva & Tantric)
* Buddhism (Tibetan, Zen, Pure Land & Theravada)
* Jainism
* Sikhism
* Taoism
* Shinto
* Zoroastrianism
* African religions (Santeria & Ancient Egyptian)
* Native American religions (Iroquois, Navajo & Pueblo)
* Meso American religions (Inca, Mayan & Aztec)
* Old European religions (Greek, Roman, Slavic, Celtic, Anglo-Teutonic & Norse)

The Mystic's Wheel of the Year multifaith calendar also includes:

* a primer on Eco-Egalitarian Spirituality
* days focused on milestones/teachers/activists in the deep ecology (environmentalist), social justice (human rights/feminist), and peace (disarmament) movements
* solar and lunar cycles, eclipses, helions, meteor showers, visible planets, and astrological periods
* experiential meditations (for each phase of the moon throughout the year)
* empowering meditations
* action offerings (to help the environment and further social justice)
* art as meditation

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Those with a mystic perspective believe that the Truth is unknowable. They believe that all beliefs and practices are legitimate if inspired by love for Deity, love for humanity, and love for Nature. Thus, mystics respect the life-affirming (non-harmful) beliefs and practices of all, whether those beliefs and practices are similar to, or different from, their own.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our intent is to treat all religions equally. There is no intent to favor or disfavor any religion. There is no intent to "convert" anyone to or from any religion, though we do hope to serve as a means to better understand one's own tradition as well as other traditions.

Some holidays have been reclaimed to reflect their positive, non-patriarchal, Nature-based aspects. Our intent is to be inclusive and respectful to both genders, all peoples, and all traditions.

Because this calendar is a multifaith calendar, the term "God" is used only when referring to a male deity. The term "Deity" is used to refer to the Universal gender-neutral Deity that encompasses both male and female characteristics and all Gods and Goddesses.

Religious holidays are calculated based on available information. Except where the religious tradition dictates otherwise, lunar-based dates are calculated using U.S. Eastern time.

In addition to religious holidays, this calendar includes official and unofficial U.S. civic holidays, U.N. holidays, other international holidays, and commemorations of significant events.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This calendar was first published in 1995. As there remain many more religious traditions and celebrations yet to be included in the calendar, it remains a work in progress.

Because we were not raised in all the denominations of all these traditions, our knowledge and understanding is regretfully limited and superficial. And we accept that this calendar will not please everyone.

The author and publisher speak in their personal capacity, and do not speak for any governmental or religious entity.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Sacred images from various traditions:

[Hebrew calligraphy: the Kabbalistic Tetragrammatan, excerpts from the Torah: Genesis/Bereishit ch. 1, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life]

[Holy Father and Holy Wisdom at the Creation, Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), Theotokos Eleusa-Kiksk (Mother of God), Pantocrator (All-Powerful Jesus), Mother Mary and Child Jesus, Compassionate Jesus, The Nativity of Jesus, The Last Supper of Jesus, Notre Dame de Sous Terre: Black Madonna and Child, Pieta: Sorrowful Mother of Jesus, Nuestra Senora, El Cristo, Lunar Madonna, Meditating Christ, and Greek calligraphy (excerpts from the Wisdom Literature of the Septuagint/Old Testament: Wisdom of Solomon & Wisdom of Sirach) ]

[Arabic calligraphy: "Allah!", "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!", "Al-hamdu li-llah!", "Adhan", Qur'an 2:256, Qur'an 49:13, "Bi-smi-llahi-r-Rahman-r-Rahim", "Baraka-llah", Yarhamu-ka-llah", and "As-salamu 'alaikum"]

[Deva Shiva (God) and Devi Parvati (Goddess), Deva Ganesha (God), Devi Lakshmi (Goddess), Deva Vishnu (God), Deva Krishna (God) and Devi Radha (Goddess), Deva Shiva (God), Devi Gauri (Goddess), Maha Devi Shakti (Great Goddess), Devi Lakshmi (Goddess), Deva Krishna (God) and Devi Radha (Goddess), Maha Devi Durga (Great Goddess), and Maha Deva Shiva (Great God)]

[Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, Buddha Siddhartha/Sakyamuni, Green Tara (Tibetan Bodhisattva Goddess of Compassion), Avalokitesvara (Tibetan Bodhisattva God of Compassion), Prajna-Paramita (Tibetan Bodhisattva Goddess of Wisdom), Manjusri (Tibetan Bodhisattva God of Wisdom), White Tara (Tibetan Buddha Goddess of Health and Longevity), Amitabha (Tibetan Buddha God of Salvation), Kuan Yin Bodhisattva (China), Bamiyan Buddha (Afghanistan), Kuan Yin Bodhisattva (Zen Buddhist), and Zazen Buddha (Zen Buddhist)]

[Willendorf Goddess (Austria 30,000 BCE), Laussel Goddess (France 20,000 BCE), Pazardzik Goddess (Thrace/Bulgaria 4500 BCE), Nile Goddess (Predynastic Egypt 3100+ BCE),  Knossos Goddess of Crete (Minoan Greece 1800 BCE), and Gazi Goddess of Crete (Minoan Greece 1350 BCE)]

---Ancient Egyptian
[Neteret Maat (Goddess of Wisdom, Justice, and Order), Neter Thoth (God of Knowledge and Time), Neteret Isis (Goddess of Life), Neter Osiris (God of Death and Rebirth), Neteret Bastet (Goddess of Domestic Protection), and Neter Horus (God of Kingship)]

---Ancient Middle-Eastern
[Lilith (Sumerian-Hebrew Goddess: Iraq-Israel 2300 BCE), Astarte (Canaanite-Hebrew Goddess: Palestine-Israel 1900 BCE), Hebat (Hittite Goddess: Turkey 1500 BCE), Inanna (Sumerian Goddess: Iraq 800 BCE), Anahita (Persian Goddess: Iran 500 BCE), and Al-Lat (Arabic Goddess: Saudi Arabia 100 CE)]

[Ashanti Akuaba (Fertility God and Fertility Goddess); Maasai Man/God Enkai and Maasai Woman/Goddess Olapa]

[Ixchel/Moon Goddess, Chacmool/Rain God, Fertility Goddess, Fertility God, Mushroom Goddess, and Animal Deities]

---Native American
[Tlingit (Northwest U.S.) totems (Salmon/Xaat, Wolf/Gooch, and Raven/Yeil); Navajo (Southwest U.S.) sand paintings (Father Sky, Sun, Mother Earth, and Moon)]

---Ancient Greek
[Artemis (Goddess of Wild Nature), Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture), Dionysos (God of Viniculture), Themis (Goddess of Order and Justice), and Athena (Goddess of Protection and Wisdom)]
---Old Celtic
[Matres/The Mothers, Cernunnos/The Horned God, Brigantia/The High Goddess, Taranis/The Thunder God, Brigid/The Triple Goddess, and Viridios/The Green Man]

---Old Norse
[Freyja (Goddess of Love and Female Fertility) and Freyr (God of Prosperity and Male Virility), Odin (God of Wisdom), Valkyries (Goddesses of Death), Tyr (God of Law and Justice), Freyja on Boar (Goddess of Nature), and Thor (God of Protection)]