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Year 2021
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December 2021...

* 11/28 to 12/24 (OC 11/28 to 1/6): Advent/Festival of Lights--Christian vigil for the birth of the Cosmic Christ. Advent candles are lit. * 11/28 eve to 12/6 eve: Hanukkah/Festival of Lights--Jewish festival commemorating a victory in their struggle for religious freedom and rededication of the second Temple of Jerusalem to Elohim. Menorah candles are lit. * 12/1: World AIDS Day--Day to pray for healing of all those suffering with AIDS and HIV. * 12/2 eve to 12/3 eve: Celebration day for Muhyi ad-Din Ibn El-Arabi (d. 1240), Sufi saint who honored Deity as a unity manifested in all Nature, both genders, and countless forms. * 12/4 (2:43 a.m. EST): New Moon. * 12/4: Yoruba/Santeria feast of Orisha Shango, Defender Against Evil. * 12/4: Mindfulness Day--Zen Buddhist day for mindfully seeing and acting with compassion for the poor and oppressed. * 12/4 to 12/17: Hopi & Zuni Shalako Festival--welcoming back to the pueblos the Kachinas/Kokos - Spirits of Nature and the ancestors that provide protection, health, fertility, and food. Kachina/Koko Dances invoke the Spirits into masked dancers. * 12/6 eve to 12/7 eve: Feast of Old Greek Goddess Athena - as protector and defender. * 12/7 eve to 12/15 eve (12/14 peak): Geminid Meteor Showers. * 12/8: Christian feast celebrating St. Anna’s conception of Blessed Mary. * 12/8: Death day of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1111), Sufi saint who taught about unity of the soul with the one universal Deity of 99 names and attributes. * 12/8: Day Hindu leaders exhorted Hindus to Earth-friendly living, personal frugality, lower power consumption, alternative energy, sustainable food production, and vegetarianism to avert climate change (2009). * 12/9: Anti-Corruption Day--Day to peacefully demonstrate for government transparency, checks on government powers, and uniform enforcement of law. * 12/10: Birthday of John Murray (1741), Trinitarian Universalist who believed that Jesus died to save all humanity, not just Christians. * 12/10: Day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted, and fundamental rights were recognized world-wide (1948). * 12/10: Day the Catholic Church prohibited Catholics from attempting to convert Jews, concluding it is “theologically unquestionable” that Jews have been granted salvation by God without belief in Jesus (2015). * 12/11: Day Tibetan Buddhists meditate on Bodhisattva Goddess White Tara, who guides the dead to Buddha Amitabha’s Pure Land, where all will find salvation. * 12/11: Day to mourn the harm done by the Mexican drug cartels. * 12/11 eve to 12/12 eve: Feast of God Poseidon, Goddess Amphritrite, and all Old Greek Gods and Goddesses of the seas. * 12/12: First appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of God and Mother of the Oppressed, at the former shrine of Aztec Moon Goddess Coatlicue (Mexico 1531). * 12/12: Baha’i feast honoring the one Deity as Masa’il - Mystery. * 12/13: Feast of the Light-bringer--honoring Goddess as Juno Lucina (Old Roman) & Lucia (Old Swedish); merged with the Christian feast of St. Lucia. * 12/14: Christian feast of St. John of the Cross (d. 1591), whose suffering - for advocating church reform - generated mystical union with Deity. * 12/14: Day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre (2012). Day to mourn all those killed in schools due to American gun culture, access to military weapons by civilians, and access to firearms by the mentally ill. * 12/15: Old Egyptian festival of Neteret Amenet-Rait-Mut, the primordial Great Mother. * 12/15: Day the Bill of Rights became part of the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing fundamental rights to all (1791). * 12/15: Death day of Fr. Pavel Florensky (1943), Orthodox Christian mystic who taught that Holy Wisdom is Our Mother, the Holy Spirit, third part of the Holy Trinity. * 12/15: Day the Catholic Church silenced Fr. Matthew Fox for teaching Creation Spirituality (1988); day to mourn the silencing of all religious dissenters and reformers. * 12/16 to 12/24: Christmas Novena/Las Posadas--Christian remembrance of the journey of Blessed Mary and St. Joseph to Bethlehem and their taking refuge in a cave-stable. * 12/17: Yoruba/Santeria feast of Orisha Babalu Aye, Healer of Deadly Diseases. * 12/17: Day the Clean Air Act was enacted (1963); day to give thanks for the air we breathe. * 12/17 to 12/23: Saturnalia/Opalia--Old Roman festival honoring God Saturn (the weak Sun) & Goddess Ops (the fallow Earth); celebrated with gift-giving, revelry, and abolishment of all class distinctions. * 12/17 eve to 12/24 eve (12/22 peak): Ursid Meteor Showers. * 12/18 (11:36 p.m. EST): Full Moon (Snow/Fire Moon) (Sagittarius Full Moon). * 12/18: Day the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment went into effect, outlawing all slavery (1865). * 12/19 to 12/25: Christmas Truce--Time to cease all forms of conflict (at least temporarily), extend a greeting to your adversary, and raise a glass for peace. * 12/21 (10:59 a.m. EST): Winter Solstice/Solar New Year--Marks the beginning of Winter and the shortest day and longest night of the year; celebration of the darkness with dancing near the hearth fire. * 12/21 to 12/22: Old European Festival of Evergreen Trees; merged into International Arbor Day. Celebrated by planting trees and hanging wreaths (symbols of eternal life). * 12/21 to 12/25: Old Romano-Egyptian festival of Goddess Isis giving birth to God Horus. * 12/21 to 1/9: Hopi & Zuni Soyala New Year Festival of purification and renewal. Homes are cleaned, fires doused, and personal restraint is observed. * 12/22: Beginning of Capricorn (the Goat). * 12/22: Taoist festival honoring Wang-Mu/Empress Mother, Mother of Compassion and Wisdom, and manifestation of the Tao (Cosmic Power of Creation and Destruction). Also celebrates the peak of the feminine Yin half of the year and the Shen of Earth, North, and Winter; prayers are made for rest and renewal, and offerings are made to the Cosmos. * 12/22: Tohji-Taisai--Shinto rite honoring Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Storm God Susano-o angered Her, and She withdrew into a cave until enticed out with music and dance. * 12/22: Birthday of Lily Montagu (1873), who co-founded Liberal Judaism in 1902. She was the first Jewish woman to serve as lay minister, both officiating and preaching. * 12/24 eve: Mother Night--Christian vigil for the laboring Blessed Mary. * 12/25 (OC 1/7): Christmas--Christian celebration of Blessed Mother Mary giving birth to Child Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. * 12/25 to 1/5: Yule--Old Anglo-Teutonic festival honoring Freyr and Freyja (Deities of Fertility) and the newborn Balder (God of Light), son of Frigga and Odin. Celebrated with evergreens, fires, and feasting. * 12/26: Day commemorating the death of Zoroastrian Prophet Zarathustra (551 BCE). Zoroastrians worship Deity Ahura Mazda, who is symbolized by a sacred fire. * 12/26 to 1/1: Kwanzaa--Festival celebrating positive African traditions; emphasizes unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. * 12/28: Day the first woman was ordained a Catholic priest - without Vatican authority (1970). * 12/28: Day the Endangered Species Act was enacted (1973); day to mourn those creatures already extinct. * 12/28: Day an Islamic court ruled FGM to be un-Islamic and banned the practice (1997). * 12/29: Day Tibetan Buddhists meditate on Bodhisattva Deities Manjusri and Prajna-Paramita, consciousness and empowerment of Wisdom. * 12/29: Day Guatemala’s 36-year civil war ended (1996); vigil for true peace, justice, and respect for the human rights of all in Central America. * 12/31: Oharai/Grand Purification Festival--Shinto rite exorcising evil from the world. Devotees are purified from offenses committed. * 12/31: Yoruba/Santeria festival of Orisha Yemaya, Mother of the Sun and Moon. * 12/31: Baha’i feast honoring the one Deity as Sharaf - Honor. * 12/31: Feast of Father Time, who ultimately overcomes us all. * 12/31 to 1/4: Zoroastrian celebration of Divine Spirit Vohu Manah, creator and protector of animals. * 12/31 eve: New Year’s Eve--Vigil for the new year; night for self evaluation and resolving to better oneself.

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