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Our Father & Holy Wisdom at the Creation
(Michelangelo: 16th C
Sistine Chapel, Vatican)

Hagia Sophia / Holy Wisdom
(18th C Russia)

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Theotokos Eleusa-Kiksk:
Mother of God
(17th C Russia)

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All-Powerful Jesus
(17th C Russia)

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Mother Mary &
Child Jesus

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The Nativity
of Jesus

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The Last Supper
of Jesus

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Notre Dame
de Sous Terre
Black Madonna & Child

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Sorrowful Mother of Jesus

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Wisdom praises Herself and glories in the midst of Her people... I came out of the mouth of the Most High, and I covered the Earth like a cloud of mist. I dwell in the high Heavens, and my throne is a pillar of cloud... Wisdom of Sirach/Ecclesiasticus 24: 1, 3-4.

... I alone made a circuit of the Heavens, and I traversed the depths of the abyss. The waves of the sea, all of the Earth, and every people and nation are under my dominion. Wisdom of Sirach/Ecclesiasticus 24: 5-6.

In Wisdom, the worker of all things, there is a Spirit, intelligent and holy, unique yet manifold, subtle, dynamic, understanding, undefiled, clear, unconquerable, compassionate, eager, unhindered, beneficent... Wisdom of Solomon 7:22.

...kindly towards humans, steadfast, unerring, serene, all-powerful, overseeing all things, and permeating all intelligent, pure, and delicate spirits. Wisdom of Solomon 7:23.


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