Hail Holy Spirit

Hail Holy Spirit!
Hail Holy Wisdom!

You are the beginning and the end.
You are all that ever has been,
and is, and ever shall be.
In Your oneness is everything;
You are eternity, infinity, ultimate unity.

You are the Supernal Mother
of many names and aspects;
You are Ruach, Hokhma, Shekhinah,
Eloah of Elohim.

You are Divine Providence:
arbiter of the beginning and the end;
creative, sustaining, and destructive power;
life, death, and eternal life.

You are Divine Immanence;
ever-changing, ever-becoming;
earth, air, fire, and water;
all matter, soul, spirit, and mind.

You are Divine Transcendence:
the peaceful and loving One,
the nurturing and healing One,
the all-wise and all-powerful One.